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TSR (Total Skin Repair)

7 treatments for ultimate facial hydration

The steps of the treatment

Returning from our summer holidays we find that exposure to the sun, high temperatures and the saltiness of the sea have made the skin look dehydrated, dry ξηρή dull. Essentially what we need is one comprehensive intensive care for the face through a series of steps. Therefore, it is the right time to restore the damage to our skin with the help of experts in order to give it the shining he deserves it! The steps that we will follow noticeably improve the appearance and quality of the skin, making it look better smooth, shiny and newer since when! The experts at the Dibeauty medical aesthetics center recommend one completed and absolutely after summer facial treatment, which is called TSR (Total Skin Repair).

1) Skin analysis

The skin analysis is the primary step in which the specialists of our center, with the help of a specialized skin analyst, will be able to diagnose the skin damages and those which cannot be seen with the naked eye. The state-of-the-art skin analyzer can give us an in-depth look needs analysis of our face and to predict changes and needs that will arise in the coming years with the use of advanced software. So we will be able to individualize your treatment and use suitable materials, serums and masks, so that we can fully meet the requirements of your skin.

2) Diamond microdermabrasion

Το first step of our treatments is diamond microdermabrasion, which is one non-invasive anti-aging method for the face. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Removes dead cells of the skin. Simultaneously activates fibroblasts to produce collagen and the elastin improving the thin lines and the pores.

3) Acid Fruit Peeling

Undoubtedly, the Peeling considered necessary for the deep exfoliation and cleaning from spots and the dirt due to the exhaust gas and in general, the atmosphere! The AHA are mainly used for peeling of our skin.

  1. promote collagen and blood flow

  2. they correct discoloration from scars and age spots

  3. improve the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles

  4. prevent acne

  5. brighten our skin

  6. increase the absorption of the products

4) Non-injectable ultrasound mesotherapy

The ultrasound device for non-injectable mesotherapy allows us to 'break' the skin's natural barrier and reach its deeper layers, where the usual creams and masks cannot.
Ultrasound facial treatment results:
1. tightening and toning of the skin
2. improvement of the eye area (reduction of wrinkles, puffiness and shadows under the eyes)
3. radiance and revitalization of the skin
4. normalization (reduces sebum production) of acne
5. strengthening blood vessels

5) Layering

After the treatments, layering follows, with products deep hydration and regenaration which help the skin to recover and regenarate itself! In this step they are placed serums, able to revitalize the skin and to regenarate in order to absorb in the best possible way the products following the process. The serums are enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and vitamins deeply nourishing dry and sun-damaged skin.

6) Masks

The face mask is an extremely important friend for skin care, as depending on its ingredients rests, hydrates, gives radiance, clean and revitalize, with immediate results! The experts will recommend the ideal treatment for you! A full face mask antioxidants helps the damage skin to regain her healthy look. A hydrating mask restores the moisture of the epidermis and expels dryness and dehydration, which cause exfoliation and wrinkles. Next we'll need a radiance mask, which will expel the dull skin which may be due to fatigue, stress and environmental conditions. Finally, it is necessary eyes mask. The eyes have different needs, as the skin in the area is thinner and more sensitive, therefore, they need special attention and care.

7) Photodynamic

The light of photodynamic therapy has a strong antimicrobial activity and effectively fight the ance off. It also contributes to collagen production, limiting the blotches and the signs of aging. Finally, it promotes the elimination of toxins from the skin while at the same time having a strong soothing action and prevents the allergies. Photodynamic therapy treats skin diseases of the face, such as:
1. blotches
2. wrinkles
3. skin dryness
4. photoaging
5. discoloration