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The latest word in facial exfoliation is called Hydrafacial, or diamond dermabrasion (Hydrodermabrasion). It is a non-invasive skin cleansing treatment. It combines the advantages of the following treatments: 1. Hydrodermabrasion, 2. Chemical Peeling, 3. Sebum Extraction, 4. Hydration and 5. Antioxidant Protection. In this way, it improves the appearance of fine lines and facial wrinkles, clears pores and restores balance to oily or acne-prone skin.

Where is the treatment aimed?

Through a revitalizing and at the same time pleasant cleaning process, we achieve a deep glow and firmness of the skin. The treatment offers immediate hydration to the skin, cleans the pores of the skin from sebum and make-up residues and at the same time regulates oiliness. At the same time, it improves skin elasticity and increases blood flow to its surface.

Target Audience

It is an ideal treatment for both women and men, for all skin types and ages, and can be done throughout the year (even in summer). It is important to mention that it can be applied even to young people (adolescents), as long as the doctor considers that this treatment is necessary.

How long does it take?

The Hydrafacial Hydrodermabrasion treatment takes only 30-50 minutes on average, offering visible results, painless and above all with zero recovery time.

In which areas can the treatment be applied?

The treatment can also be applied to the back area. Deeply cleanses the pores, removes oiliness and at the same time provides hydration.

Can the Hydrafacial be combined with other treatments?

The Hydrafacial treatment can be combined with other treatments (eg Botox Anti-Aging Treatment, Hyaluronic, etc.) or preceded by them for better and more permanent results.